Rebel Human Blueprint LLC
Rebel Human Blueprint LLC

Reconnect, Heal, and Thrive

Explore our range of healing products designed to support your wellness journey. From energy crystals to healing herbs, we have carefully sourced items to enhance your healing experience.

Dear Friends, Family, & Community,

I am honored to introduce Rebel Human Blueprint, LLC, an incorrigible journey into the realms of healing. Over the past 18 months, I have dedicated myself to exploring cutting-edge technologies and holistic modalities aimed at restoring and rejuvenating the human organism. Our primary focus has been on alleviating physical pain, followed by addressing the often-neglected mental and emotional bodies of our Being.

Our planet is not well, we are not well. Let’s HEAL ourselves, unite, and reconnect to the Mother of ALL, our EARTH.

Driven by Hope, Belief, and a vision of a harmonious world,

Amy L Folck
Founder, Rebel Human Blueprint, LLC


Join us for our transformative Reiki Healing Classes, where ancient wisdom meets modern practice. Learn to harness the energy within you and experience profound relaxation, balance, and healing.

Reiki Healing

AMI 850 Sessions

Intuitive Energy Healing

How Reiki Healing Works?

Reiki Healing works when a person channels special energy through their hands to make you feel relaxed and balanced.


We learn about you, so we can tailor your healing. Tell us your needs and goals, and we'll personalize your journey.

Healing Sessions

Our experts help your body's energy flow naturally, easing blockages and bringing balance to your physical and mental health.

AMI 850 Sessions

Experience future healing with sound technology. Precise vibrations relax body and mind, reduce stress, boost well-being.

Our Products

Reiki Healing works when a person channels special energy through their hands to make you feel relaxed and balanced.

What My Clients​​ Say

Amy has wonderful healing gifts. She is a true healer in all senses. I highly recommend her.
- Beverly
Amy and I connected immediately! Her story is inspiring and she made the experience wonderful.
- Mark
She is kind, caring and professional. She seem to be a genuinely caring person with great energy
- Diana

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We value your connection and invite you to reach out with any inquiries or to start your healing journey with us.

Rebel Human Blueprint LLC

Rebel Human Blueprint, LLC invites you to join us on this extraordinary path to wellness, unity, and healing.

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